Direct Mail Advertising in St. Louis, Missouri

Super-Premium Quality, Hard Response Driven, LOCAL Advertising … For Only Pennies Per Home!


Full Color, Glossy Magazine Format

  • Premium paper stock, full print bleed, professionally designed ads.
  • Commands Attention – uniquely upscale media, suitable for professional services.
  • Magazine Mindset – magazines stay in-home long after publication.
  • Frequency – multiple exposures over 2 months with a single ad.

Separate U. S. Mail Piece

  • Direct Mailed – individually to residences and businesses… arriving on Fridays.
  • No Clutter – avoids other “junk mail” packs, with no loose inserts or overwraps.

Real Values From 30-40 LOCAL ADVERTISERS

  • Convenient – all within a few miles, with no far-ranging regional clutter.
  • Critical Mass – so many great offers, works better than any individual “solo” mailing.


Delivers It All – Awareness, Trial, and Frequency

  • Remind – long time residents your business is still here.
  • Introduce – your business to new neighbors with a valuable reason for trial.
  • Increase Frequency – with multiple offers… up to six or eight per ad.

“Hard” Response Driven – You will Know it is Working

  • Track Coupon Redemptions – determine exactly how well it works for you.
  • Change Offers – code ads by zone to fine tune return-on-investment.


Chuck Post – 636.677.2774