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Detached Address Label (DAL) Program

DAL is a uniquely cost-effective postcard mailing program.

  • A separate postcard is delivered along with every magazine.
  • Stand-alone addition to regular mail delivery, not attached or inserted.
  • Minimal postage upcharge – we pass the savings to YOU!

Our magazine DAL offers singular visibility over traditional bulk inserts.

  • Not in a bulky, multi-piece pack of “junk mail”…1 stand-alone postcard.
  • In-home on Fridays, never bundled in any of the early-week bulk drops.

Full Color front and back postcard measures 8 ¼” X 5”

  • Full size front is gloss finish.
  • Back is matte finish – right half for address.

Pricing – includes design, print, labeling and postage…home-delivered.

  • $0.15 per home Front & Back.
  • $0.11 per home Front.
  • $0.04 per home Back (half-size).

Availability is limited – 1 card per issue per zone (6 issues per year – 17 zones).

  • Pick any zone(s), no minimum and no pre-defined multi-zone regions.
  • Must mail full zone(s).
  • Up to 12-month reservation available, $0.03 per home.

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